Deviled Angels

(The Crew)

Building monumental art with volunteers means countless hours of shared sweat, blood, tears, and joy.

This multifaceted art project was realized by a team of 25+ volunteers from Texas, West Virginia, California, Washington State, as well as an intrepid volunteer from France. It was funded by personal donations from dozens of individuals across the United States, as well as a 2017 Art Honorarium grant from the Burning Man Arts Foundation.

Making Dreams into Reality

Project Managers
Marzipan (West Coast), Pyro Pantera (Houston)

Picasso (Houston), Crazy8 (on Playa)

Core Build crew
Picasso, Crazy8, Hellkitten, G. Rogers, Tiphane, Katniss, John Pitale, Pat, Michelle

Interior design lead and crew
Sy Van Tran, Dmitriy, Laura, Picasso’s Tikes

Burn Planning and Burn Lead / Design
Oz Wilcox

Project lighting
Ross, Clay

Angel construction and design
Justin Hughes, Kelly O’Brien

FAST Liaison
Corkscrew RedClaw

Perimeter lead

Build Week Camp cook and camp lead

Additional Help
EMBeD (Vanessa), Ghandi, Laurette Corvette, Tymo, Anna Severens, J.J. Eros, M.C.Eros, J.D. McCormick

Project Artist (Devil)
Orange Mike

F.A.S.T., Burning Man Staff, Black Rocky City A.S.S. support

Grateful and heartfelt thanks to the Burning Man Organization and staff of volunteers who made this dream possible. This includes but is not limited to our Art Manager: Dave X, Fire Arts Safety Team (F.A.S.T.) contact: Doxie (from Detroit), Art Support Services (A.S.S.) leader: Pegorama

Perimeter Crew / Burn Night

We gratefully acknowledge dozens of volunteers who assisted our burn lead and FAST to provide a safe and successful burn. We are especially grateful to diverse Texas volunteers from all over, including burners from Camp Houpla and Camp Houphoria, in addition to our art support camp: Hot Mayo. The amazing Camp Sake II Mi provided our perimeter sub-leads, AKA heralded Valkyries.

Art Support Camp

Enormous thanks to Hot Mayo, the chill bar extravaganza / firepit home / conversation hub at 4 and B, AKA an unforgettable group of Reno friends who gave our project welcome arms and a home away from home during Burning Man 2017.